Meytec® Premium Calibration Solutions

If you require your measuring devices to work at the highest level of accuracy, you need calibration solutions that can deliver the lab-grade quality you are looking for. Our calibration buffers are produced according to the highest standards, fully traceable and designed for professional users.

Discover our wide range of premium Meytec® Calibration Buffers for pH and ORP applications, Conductivity Standards and KCl Storage Solution. Designed to calibrate your sensitive instruments with the highest accuracy and compatible with all brands and manufactures.

Take care of your instruments, calibrate them only with high quality buffer solutions and store them only in high quality KCl storage solution. All our calibration solutions are manufactured according to the highest standards and each batch can be traced back to its origins for a complete quality control.

PH Calibration Solution for pH meters and pH electrodes

By far the most common and most popular calibration solution on the market today. PH meters and pH electrodes are fantastic tools to measure the pH level of any liquid or substance. But due to their design they require regular calibration to keep them measuring accurately. 

When you need to calibrate your pH meter or pH electrode, always use fresh and uncontaminated pH buffer solution. Read the manual of your meter or probe and follow the instructions carefully. Remember that any pH meter or pH electrode only measures as accurate as its last calibration. If you are a professional and need your measurements to be as precise as possible, you need to calibrate before every measurement. Recreational users require fewer calibrations, but nonetheless a scheduled, regular calibration is recommended. 

We offer a wide range of pH buffer solutions designed for pH meter and pH electrodes. We have Sachets with pH calibration solution that are perfect for users who need to do a quick and reliable calibration. A Sachet guarantees the pH buffer solution will be in top condition. We also offer smaller bottles and professional bottles with a built-in dosing system. 

ORP Calibration Solution for ORP meter and ORP electrode

Premium ORP Buffer solution designed for the calibration of ORP or Redox meter and electrodes. Suitable for all types of ORP meter and ORP probes, our ORP buffer solution has become the reference on the market in terms of stability and reliability. Discover our premium 475mV ORP Buffer solution. 

Our ORP Calibration solution is available in small sachets, small bottle and professional bottle with built-in dispenser.

Conductivity Standard for EC meters and EC electrode

EC Meters and Salinity testers require a special calibration solution that is known as a Conductivity Standard. Today we have the 2 most popular conductivity standards in our offer today.  conductivity standard 12880 µS/cm and conductivity standard 1413 µS/cm. 

KCl Storage Solution for pH/ORP meter and Electrode

Meytec® Storage Solution is designed to keep the sensitive glass pH electrode of your pH meter and pH probe in optimal condition. It protects the pH meter or pH probe from drying out, and it revitalizes the reference liquid inside the meter.

Always store your calibration solutions out of direct sunlight in a dark and dry place. Make sure you tighten the bottle well so that no air can contaminate the liquid inside. NEVER reuse a calibration liquid or pour it back into the bottle.