EC Meter

EC Meter (Electrical Conductivity)

EC Stands for Electrical Conductivity. It is a measure that gives us an indication how conductive a liquid is. The more metals, minerals, salts a liquid contains, the higher the electrical conductivity. EC is usually expressed in micro siemens and or milli siemens.

How do you measure EC?

Electrical conductivity is measured with a EC Meter or EC Probe. This is a digital tester designed to measure the electrical conductivity of a sample and display the value in micro siemens or milli siemens.

EC Meter

Our specially designed EC Meter can measure the EC level of any liquid. We offer a basic EC Meter that is perfect for hobby users who only need to measure EC level occasionally. We also offer a Premium EC Meter designed for the high-end and intensive users. This premium version comes in a shockproof, robust and waterproof IP67 design, high quality sensor, large LCD display and interchangeable EC sensor.

How does an EC meter or EC Probe work?

An EC Meter works by measuring the electric conductivity in the water. To do this, an EC Meter usually has 2 metal electrodes that are placed at a fixed distance from each other. When electricity passes from one electrode to the other, the sensor can calculate exactly how good the electricity flows. Based on this result, the microprocessor will calculate an exact EC level and display it on the LCD Screen.

Why do you use an EC Meter?

  • EC Meters and EC Probes are widely used throughout the world to measure the electrical conductivity (EC) of a liquid.
  • EC Meters are used in hydro culture and planting where they measure the amount of nutrients present in the water of the plants or in the fertilizer that is used.
  • EC Meters are widely used in the water treatment business where it is important to monitor and track the evolution of certain waters and liquids.
  • EC Meters for pools are common to use in swimming pools who have a salt chlorination. These pool produce chlorine by adding salt to the water. Usually the salt chlorination has a preferred amount of salt per liter that is needs in order to function properly. The EC Meter allows you to roughly measure the salt concentration of the pool. If you are looking for a genuine Salt Tester: see our Salt Meter GT-200S.

EC Meter plant nutrition

How to calibrate an EC Meter?

An EC Meter is calibrated with conductivity standard. Read the manual of your EC Meter to find out what type conductivity standard you need. You can order your conductivity standard here.