PH Electrode and ORP Electrode

Discover our premium PH Electrodes and Redox ORP Electrodes, manufactured with great precision and incorporating key technologies and components from Switzerland. High Quality Electrodes with durable design, accurate measurement and Standard BNC Connection for universal compatibility.  

Swiss made ph electrode redox probe Swiss Technology and Components 

PH Electrode

High-end reliable PH Probes or pH electrode designed to accurately measure the pH level of a liquid. Suitable for pool, aquarium, pond, spa, hydroponic, lab and any other industry that requires accurate pH measurement. Visit the page of our pH electrodes for more information.

ORP Electrode

Gold tip ORP Probe or ORP Electrodes for the most accurate Redox or ORP measurement. Premium ORP electrode with a gold tip to measure the Oxidation Reduction Potential of a liquid. Suitable for swimming pools, aquariums, laboratory and many other industries. Visit the page of our ORP electrodes now for more information. 

Always clean your pH and ORP electrode with clean water and put the protective cap back on the the electrode. Always store it in a dry and dark place after use. 

We recommend our Premium Meytec Calibration Solution and KCl storage solution for the best care of your electrodes.