ORP Buffer Solution

ORP Buffer Solution - Redox Calibration Solution

Our premium Meytec® ORP Calibration Solution is designed for the accurate calibration of your sensitive ORP probe and Redox Meter. High quality buffer solution that has been carefully manufactured to have a fixed ORP value of 475mV.
ORP Buffer solution compatible with any brand and manufacturer on the market today.

Calibrate your ORP Probe or Redox tester with ease and accuracy in a matter of seconds. All our Buffer solutions are manufactured according to the highest international standards (NIST) and we are capable of tracing back each production batch to its origin for extra quality control.

ORP Buffer Solution for ORP Electrode calibration

ORP Electrodes are sensitive equipment often found around laboratories, swimming pools and aquariums. ORP Probes require regular calibration if you want to measure with the highest accuracy.

It is recommended to calibrate your ORP Meter or ORP Electrode every time the highest accuracy is required. If you need to calibrate your ORP or Redox meter or electrode, please read the instruction manual carefully and follow it step by step.

ORP Buffer Solution Usage

Never Re-use ORP calibration solution and never pour used liquid back into the container. This will contaminate the rest of the Buffer solution and will damage the accuracy of the ORP Buffer Solution.

Always store your ORP Buffer Solution out of direct sunlight and at room temperature. Make sure you close the bottle after use and keep it away from children.

Premium Meytec® ORP Buffer Solution is available in 250ml