ORP Meter

ORP Meter or Redox Meter

An ORP Meter measures is a sensitive water analysis instrument that measures the the Oxidation Reduction Process. It is also known as a Redox meter or Rx meter. ORP Meters are used to measure and regulate the disinfection systems of water plants, aquariums, pools, spa's and many other systems. 

Our ORP Meter features a durable, shockproof and waterproof IP67 design, very accurate ORP measurement. Large LCD display with battery indication. Batteries are included and the probe can be replaced so you don't need to buy a whole new complete ORP Meter. 

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ORP Meter for Pool and Spa

ORP Meters and Redox testers for pool and spa are the most common applications for Redox related measurements. ORP is used an indicator to regulate the disinfection of pools and spa's worldwide. It is common to find an ORP regulated chlorine dosing system on pools all over the world. ORP or Redox can be used to dose chlorine or a salt chlorination automatically, so a pool or spa can be disinfected automatically. 

If you own a pool or a spa is recommended to always have a separate digital ORP Meter at your disposal. You need to check the water quality manual from time to time to ensure that your ORP Electrode is still functioning properly. An issue with your ORP Electrode could lead to overdosing chlorine in your pool, something we must try to avoid at all cost. 

ORP Meter for Aquariums

ORP Meters are also being used to monitor aquariums and reef aquariums. You can find ORP Monitor systems in Zoo's where they keep track of the ORP level in the tanks of all the marine and aquatic animals. The normal ORP Level for an aquarium is between 250 and 400 mV but it can be different according to the specific standards and regulations. 

ORP Meter Calibration

ORP Meters are calibrated with ORP Buffer Solution or ORP Calibration Solution. This is a special reference solution with a fixed ORP level. Always use fresh and premium ORP calibration solution when calibrating your ORP meter or ORP electrode. We highly recommend calibrating your ORP meter and electrode with our Premium ORP Calibration Solution 475mV

ORP Meter Storage

Clean your ORP meter after each use with clean water. When you store your orp meter for a long period of time we recommend adding a few drops of KCl Storage Solution for ORP Meters to the protective cap your ORP Meter. It can also be used for your ORP electrodes. Adding the KCl storage solution will protect the sensitive electrode of your ORP meter and will increase the lifespan.