PH Buffer Solution

PH Calibration Solution

PH Buffer solution or pH Calibration Solution is what is known as a reference solution to calibrate pH meter and pH electrodes. A pH buffer solution is specifically designed to have a fixed pH level and it is able to hold this pH level for a long time.

Our pH calibration solutions are compatible with all brands and types of pH meter and pH electrode. We sell our pH buffer solution throughout Europe to a wide variety of industries. Our key customers are active in Water treatment, Pool and Spa, Hydroponics, Fish Farms, Laboratories and much more.

Accurate pH measurement, requires regular calibration with a high quality pH buffer solution. Our professional pH buffer solution for pH meter and pH electrode is produced according to the highest standard with full NIST traceability and compatible with all brands, models and types of pH meters and pH electrodes.

NIST traceability means that we can trace back exact date, production and specifications of the pH Buffer, ensuring that we have total quality control and a very accurate product. 

If you want to calibrate your pH meter correctly, you need to use high quality pH buffer solution and you always need to use fresh calibration liquid. NEVER use a calibration solution 2 times. Our 250ml bottle has a built-in dispenser that makes it easy to calibrate your pH meter or pH electrode directly. It also prevents from contaminating the rest of the pH buffer solution.

You can find more detailed information here on what is pHhow to calibrate a pH meter or how to calibrate a pH electrode

Please always consult the manual of your pH meter or pH electrode before calibration. You must be sure to use the correct pH buffer solution with the correct pH value and you need to follow the correct procedure described in your owner's manual.