PH Electrode

PH Electrode 

Are you looking for a new pH electrode or do you need to replace your old pH probe? Discover our range of premium pH electrodes designed to be universally compatible, long lifespan and high accuracy and response.

We offer an amazing pH electrode to cover the basic needs of any pool owner or any hobby enthousiast that is looking for a quality pH probe. If you require our best pH electrode, have a look at our premium pH electrode model. 

Our pH electrode is a premium, high-end electrode designed for high accuracy and high longevity. Developed and designed in Switzerland, our pH electrode uses only the best Swiss components and technologies. It is compatible with all standard 12mm pH electrodes. Advanced Ceramic junction, long life reference solution and standard BNC connection.  

The pH electrode has a very precise measuring range between pH 0 and pH 14. Designed with an extra durable poly carbonate body that allows the pH electrode to operate in temperatures between 0°C and 80°C and high pressures up to 6 bar. 

PH Electrode - Applications

This PH Electrode is designed for swimming pool, aquarium, water treatment and many more applications. 

Our premium pH electrode or pH probe is compatible with all major dosing systems: Aseko, Prominent, Sugar Valley, Seko, Micro Dos, Hayward, Pentair, Maestro, Intellipool, Oxilife, Hidrolife, Aqua Scenic, Dinotec... So if you are looking for a replacement pH probe, look no further and order your spare pH probe today.

PH Electrode - Calibration and Storage

Calibrate your pH probe at regular intervals and only use fresh and clean pH calibration buffer or pH buffer solution specifically designed for pH probes and electrodes. Always check the manual of your manufacturer for the correct calibration procedure of your pH electrode.

A pH electrode is a very sensitive instrument. You must always treat it with care and NEVER let the glass electrode be exposed to air for a long time. The electrode must always be submerged in a liquid, if it dries out, it will no longer work accurately.

Always rinse your pH electrode after use and put the protective cap back on, filled with KCI Storage Solution designed for pH electrodes.