PH Meter

Digital PH Meter

PH Meters are a sensitive scientific instruments designed to measure the pH level of a water-based liquid. The most common industries where a pH meter is used are: water treatment, pools & spa, food, fishing, hydroponics, laboratories and much more. Find more information on pH meter and its applications here. 

A pH meter measures the pH of a liquid through a porous glass electrode that is filled with a reference liquid inside. The pH meter measures the different voltage between the glass electrode and the reference liquid. The difference of this measurement is translated into a pH value that is displayed on the screen. You can click here to find our more information on how to measure pH .

PH Meter for Pool

Owners of a pool know that they need to check the pH level of their pool regularly with a pH meter or a pH tester. With our digital pH meter you can accurately test the pH level of your pool in a matter of seconds. Don't rely on pH test strips because they are not accurate enough. Remember to calibrate your pH meter regularly with pH calibration buffer and store your pH meter in a dark and dry place. We recommend to add a few drops of KCl Storage Solution each week to the protective cap of your pH meter. Find out more about pH meter for pool

PH Meter for Aquarium

Keeping the pH level of your aquarium at an optimal level is needed to keep your beautiful ecosystem in a healthy condition. Owner of aquariums are one of our largest customer groups for pH meter, pH probe and calibration solutions. Our pH meters are perfectly suitable to measure the pH level of any aquarium. Make sure your pH meter is calibrated and maintained correctly. Find out more about pH meter Aquarium.

PH Meter for Garden

Your plants are all used to a specific pH level that makes them grow in optimal conditions. If you control the pH level of your hydroponics, or the just the water you use to feed your plants. You will need an accurate pH meter or pH probe. Our pH meters and pH probes have been used for years by professional vegetable growing businesses, hydroponic installations and amateurs planters around Europe. More about pH meter for Garden

PH Meter Calibration

A pH Meter is a delicate instrument that requires regular calibration. It is recommended to calibrate your pH meter each time you require a accurate pH measurement. PH Meters are calibrated with a PH Buffer Solution or pH Calibration Solution. These liquids are specifically designed to calibrate pH meters and pH electrodes. 

PH Meters need to be calibrated regularly with a pH buffer solution or a pH calibration solution. The more accuracy required, the more often the pH meter or pH electrode must be calibrated. You can find more here on how to calibrate a pH meter. If you want to buy pH buffer solution, please have look at our professional calibration liquids. 

PH Meter Storage

Store your pH Meter with care when you are not using it. Inside your pH meter is a special reference liquid, it is important to keep your pH electrode from drying. We recommend to add a few drops of KCl storage solution to the protective cap of your pH meter. This will prevent the pH electrode from drying and it will revitalize the reference liquid inside the pH meter. 

Our digital pH meters or pH testers are designed to be user-friendly, durable and accurate. Easy to calibrate and easy to maintain, that is how you want our pH meters to be. Order your next pH meter online today and have it delivered to your home.