Salinity Meter

Salinity Meter to measure salt level 

Salt Meter or Salinity meter is a precise scientific instrument designed to accurately measure the salt level or salt content of water or any other liquid. Measuring Salt level is a very important part of water analysis. 

A salt meter is used in a wide variety of industries. Our Salinity meters are mostly bought by customers who have a saltwater aquarium, saltwater pool, fishing farms, water analysis companies and laboratories.  For all of these customers, measuring the precise salt content of their water or liquid is a vital part of maintaining a perfect water balance. 

Salinity Meter for Swimming Pools

For example is you have a pool with a salt chlorinator or salt hydrolysis system you will need to measure the salt level of your pool regularly to make sure you always are within the optimal range of your pool device.

Salinity Meter for Salt Water Aquarium

If you are the owner of a saltwater aquarium, than you know very well how important it is to measure the salt content to keep it as correct and stable as possible so that your ecosystem and your fish are as happy as possible.

A salinity meter works by passing a small amount through 2 electrodes. A complex algorithm will than calculate the amount of salt present in the water or liquid. Our Salinity meter is a professional instrument with a high accuracy, a waterproof and shock resistant IP68 design. You easily read the salt level on the large LCD display and after use, you store the salinity meter in the strong plastic casing for protection. 

Discover our range of premium and reliable salt meter or salinity tester, designed for professional use. 

Remember to always rinse your salinity meter after use and store it in a dark and dry place.