What is pH Buffer Solution?

What is pH Buffer Solution?

PH Buffer Solution or pH Calibration Solution is a water based solution that is used for the calibration of sensitive pH measuring instruments like: pH Meters, pH probes, pH electrodes. It is a mixture of water and a weak acid or a weak base, depending on the required pH level for the pH Buffer Solution.

Buffer solutions are designed to have a constant pH level, or nearly constant pH level and are used in a wide variety of applications. They also prevent the pH buffer solution from changing pH level too quickly when contaminated. This means that the pH buffer solution will remain its pH level for a long time.

The most common applications for pH buffer solutions are:

  • PH Buffer Solution for pH meter
  • PH Buffer Solution for pH probe
  • PH Buffer Solution for pH Electrode

PH Meters and pH probes both have very sensitive pH electrodes. Inside of these electrodes there is a chemical reaction happening at all times. This chemical reaction makes the pH meter or pH probe less accurate over time. To compensate the loss of accuracy of your pH electrode, you need to calibrate with pH buffer solution.

Because the pH value of the pH calibration buffer is fixed, we know exactly the pH level that our pH meter or pH electrode should measure. If the pH level that is measured does not correspond with the pH value of our pH calibration solution you need to calibrate and correct the offset.

In other words, you need to match the pH level that you measure with the pH level of your pH calibration buffer.

It is advised to calibrate your pH meter or pH probe always as closely to the pH level that you want to measure. pH buffer solution pH 7,00 and pH 4,01 are by far the most popular pH calibration solutions available on the market today. Always read the manual of your pH meter or pH electrode and follow the exact instructions and calibration procedure.

PH Buffer solutions are widely used in laboratories worldwide, the water treatment industry, pool and spa businesses, fish-culture, hydroponics and many more.

Always buy high quality, laboratory grade pH buffer solution. Do not use pH buffer powder as it less accurate and accuracy is very important for your pH meter. Remember that the difference between pH 6 and pH 7 is a factor of 10. That means that a pH of 5 is 100x times more acidic than a pH of 7. (10x10) So you see, a small difference in pH can have a big impact on your water quality.  

Our pH calibration buffer is produced according to the highest standards and is completely NIST traceable. This means we can trace back every batch to its origins in case there should ever be a quality problem.

Furthermore we use a specially designed bottle that protects the liquid from becoming contaminated and extends the shelf life as much as possible. Remember to always store your pH calibration buffer or pH buffer solution in a dry and dark place, away from children.

Our current range of pH buffer solution: