ORP Electrode | Meytec® GTX-RX gold Premium

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ORP Electrode | Meytec® GTX-RX gold Premium

Looking for a new and reliable ORP electrode or replacement Redox probe? Our Premium Meytec® ORP Electrode with Gold plated tip is your ideal solution. Compatible with all mayor brands and precision manufactured with the best components and technologies from Switzerland. It features a durable and shock-resistant design, high accuracy ORP measurement, gold plated tip for extra precision and a long lifespan.

Swiss made ph electrode redox probe Swiss Technology and Components 

Ideally suited for intensive applications: Laboratory, Pool and Spa, Aquarium, Pond, Hydroponics, Fish-Farming, Water-treatment... 

The gold plated tip makes this ORP Probe the perfect choice for pool dosing systems with salt chlorinator or salt water pools.

ORP Electrode Meytec® GTX-RX gold - Specifications

  • Measuring Range: -1999mV - +1999mV
  • Range: 0°C – 80°C
  • Precision: 2%
  • Resolution: 1mV
  • Junction: Advanced Ceramic
  • Electrode: Gold
  • Reference: Ag/AgCl Long Life
  • Max Pressure: 6 Bar
  • Cable: 250cm
  • Connection: BNC
  • Material: Reinforced Poly Carbonate
  • Dimensions: ⌀12mm * 160mm
  • Weight: 150g (incl cable)

ORP Electrode Meytec® GTX-RX gold - Manual


ORP Electrode Meytec® GTX-RX gold - Compatibility

Our Premium ORP electrode features a standard BNC-connection, compatible with all mayor brands and manufactures of pH dosing systems and Redox measuring and monitoring devices. It is an ideal replacement ORP Probe for: Astral, Aseko, Prominent, Sugar Valley, Seko, Micro Dos, JBL, Hayward, Pentair, Maestro, Intellipool, Oxilife, Idegis, Pool Technologies, Innowater, Davey, Monarch... 

ORP Electrode Meytec® GTX-RX gold - Calibration

Only calibrate your ORP electrode with quality ORP calibration solution or pH buffer solution. We recommend the use of Premium Meytec® Redox Buffer Solution for the most exact and precise calibration of your pH electrode. Always follow the calibration process described in the manual of your ORP electrode.

ORP Electrode Meytec® GTX-RX gold - Storage

The ORP electrode is delivered with a protective cap, filled with a special electrolyte storage solution for Rx electrodes. It is important that this cap is placed back on the ORP electrode every time the ORP Probe is not in use. You must protect the Rx electrode at all times from long exposure to air and drying out. You can refill the electrolyte solution with our Premium Meytec® KCl Storage Solution for ORP Electrodes.

NEVER use Distilled Water to store your ORP electrode.