Sachet Meytec® Calibration Solution pH 10.01

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Sachet Meytec® Calibration Solution pH 10.01

Easy to use and it keeps your premium Meytec® pH calibration solution 10.01 in top condition. A sachet with pH calibration solution is perfect to calibrate pH electrodes and pH meters easily and effectively. 

Just open the sachet near the top and directly insert the pH meter or pH electrode to preform a perfect calibration. 

  • Easy to use
  • No spilling 
  • Calibrate directly in the sachet
  • Long Shelf-life

One sachet contains 20ml of premium Meytec® calibration solution pH 10.01

Please read the manual of your pMeter or pElectrode before calibration. You are required to calibrate your pMeter or pElectrode at regular intervals or every time you require the most accurate measurement.